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haiku, n - hai·​ku | \ ˈhī-(ˌ)kü

The haiku, or 'hokku', was developed in mid-17th century Japan first as the opening stanza to a larger work. It wouldn't reach prominence in the English-speaking world until the early 20th century, when Japanese-American poets and others advocated its use as art in its distilled form.

The format has remained relatively unchanged since its inception: The haiku consists of 17 syllables, or 'on'. In English these are typically broken up into three lines, following the form of 5-7-5. Thematically, haiku can be used to express a diverse array of ideas and images, but are most often centered around descriptive images of fleeting moments of nature, or of the actions or thoughts of living things.

This generator is designed to hold true to that ideal. Each line is procedurally generated from an extensive database of pre-written content. Every haiku generated will be unique, from its content to its aesthetics. Find your favourite one and keep it in mind!

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