Pixelated drawing of Paul Rocca

Paul R. (he/him)

hey there!

My name's Paul, and I think you're cool.

I'm a multi-skilled developer and writer based in Toronto, Canada.

I've worked professionally as a published author and editor, web developer, artist and database engineer. I'm always refining my skills as a creator and as both a front-end and back-end developer. Below you can see just a small glimpse of the work I've done, from professional layout in print, to art, animation and photography!

Screenshot of my designing a professional magazine print layout

What's your story?

Born in 1984 in Niagara Falls, I eventually went to the University of Toronto and graduated with an h.BA in English and History. At around this time, family tragedy unfortunately grounded me back in Niagara Falls for the next seven years, but my love for the city I developed in University never wavered.

Once given the chance, despite stricken by terrible circumstances, I returned to Toronto and graduated from Humber College's Advanced Journalism program, which allowed me to continue work as a freelancing copy editor and writer, trading largely with local publications. It was also at this time that I came out of the closet as a gay man, having now had the chance to better understand and come to terms with being different. Since then, I've had an indomitable passion for LGBTQ culture and rights advocacy.

Okay, but what about now?

Today, I'm continuing my training in web development with the hope of becoming a full-time developer.

This website will continue to develop as I grow, and I hope to use it as a benchmark for my abilities! Ultimately, I hope to apply my skills and give back to the amazing LGBTQ community that has been so wonderful to me and to which I'm forever indebted.

Professional photoshoot of my dog, Auden!

But outside of the professional life, I have a passion for all the usual things: Music, film, games, and, of course, Godzilla.

Most of all, I have a passion for growing as a person and becoming better every day, however I can. I have a genuine love of all people and will always go out of my way to provide whatever support I can for those in need.

So if you have anything you'd like to talk about, click that 'Contact' button on the top right and hit me up!